Doodle, Doodle Mixes, and Standard Poodle Prices 

Our prices for Doodles are different because of the amount of time that we prefer to take on their haircuts. We have groomers on staff that have 10-15 years of grooming experience, including grooming doodles with different hair types. We want to be able to give you the hair cut you want and make your dog's experience the best it can be. 

These are the prices and services that we offer for any type of Poodle/Doodle or Doodle Mixes. 

As of January 2020: 

Full Service: Start at $80

Mini Groom: Starts at $60

Bath Service: $40

DeTangle Fees start at $15.00

​Feel free to call and ask to speak to a groomer about what kind of haircuts and services we offer, and if you have any questions!

Doodles require an extensive amount of brushing to keep the coat free of mats and tangles. Every doodle has a different coat so the amount of time varies, whether it be with a bath or a grooming